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Green Tile is a brand of eco-friendly tiles at Green Distribution a privately funded corporation that specializes in producing sustainable, earth-friendly residential and commercial materials for green building design and construction. We believe in promoting sustainability and being socially responsible we promote socially responsible causes that help the environment, promote health and well-being.

With Green Tile, you now have a new way of combating the effects of pollution and improving the air you breathe. We have various types of tiles that are not only highly-durable, but are also proven to reduce air pollution due to their natural air-cleaning properties. Our line of eco-friendly flooring options include ceramic tiles, tile with wood inlay, in different eco-friendly tile designs and finishes for indoor and outdoor use. All are made without the use of harsh chemicals, and are all made with materials that are easily sustainable.


Nowadays there is a new way of combating the effects of pollution and improving the air we breathe: Green Tile from Green Distribution. Green Tile is like no other tile, the only one which contains natural compounds which react totally naturally to gas pollutants and degrades them, leaving them totally innocuous. Our tiles are made from recycled materials. Unlike conventional ceramic tile that exhausts clays and minerals from natural resources, using recycled materials lessens the destruction of natural resources and usage of fuel for manufacturing.

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