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Many companies say they are going green, but we didn’t have to go green because we started being green from day one. We believe in promoting sustainability and being socially responsible – we promote socially responsible causes that help the environment, promote health and wellbeing.

Green Distribution can help you be healthier, become more efficient, and reduce costs by going green. Green Distribution believes in reducing carbon dioxide that can contribute to global warming. We partner with transportation companies that belong to the smart way program.

The smart way program promotes higher fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emissions. Green Distribution proudly has products that qualify for the energy star program or have other third party certifications which promote sustainability, energy conservation and efficiency.

We supply green building materials for public projects airports, train stations, government buildings, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, medical offices, pools, fountains, hospitality chains like hotels and motels, restaurants, retail outlets, department stores, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Our air cleaning Green Tiles are installed in a variety of places including Cruise ships, Homes, Bathrooms, Kitchens and other areas of the house, pool decks, walkways, public spaces and office buildings, gas stations, tool booths, rest stops, truck weigh stations, tunnels, bridges, road barriers, and places that have pollution.

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