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About Green Tile

With Green Tile, you now have a new way of combating the effects of pollution and improving the air you breathe. We have various types of tiles that are not only highly-durable, but are also proven to reduce air pollution due to their natural air-cleaning properties. Our line of eco-friendly flooring options include tiles, wood, carpets, and even cork that are all made without the use of harsh chemicals, and are all made with materials that are easily sustainable.

Tile is a construction material specifically intended to cover floors, walls, and even roof. As a construction material, it is the purview of the professional engineer, just as bricks and reinforced cement buildings are. But as a finishing material that contributes to the look of the covered surface, tiles also have a design function, and must appeal to the final user. We have different tiles for any of your construction needs. With green tiles,

Aureole Roof Tile

Our Aureole Roof Tile can be counted on for highly durable, outdoor roofing tiles that also reduce air pollution because of its natural air-cleaning properties.

Green Tile

For indoor and outdoor tiles, you can count on Green Tile’s flagship tiles with aureole technology to give any indoor or outdoor space beautiful floors and walls that reduces air pollution. Green Tile produces natural ceramic green tiles, tiles with wood inlay, stone tiles in different eco-friendly tile designs and finishes for indoor and outdoor use.


We also have earth-friendly Suntiles for solar energy panels.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Tiles?
Eco-friendly flooring and roof tiles are great because they help reduce indoor and outdoor pollutant levels. Other types of synthetic floorings like vinyl linoleum, synthetic fiber carpets, and other conventional tiles can produce dangerous gasses or fumes coming from their toxic chemical contents when they undergo the process of off-gassing.

Green Tile Eco-friendly tile address different concerns of the environment are not health-hazards, and they provide durability that makes your purchase worth every single dollar.

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